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Wednesday 9th & Friday 11th No BTEC or Active IQ | Student Login Information

To all students,

Wednesday 9th September & Friday 11th September no BTEC or Active IQ lessons will take place. A-Level students are instructed to follow their timetable.

Wednesday 9th

We have no lessons timetabled for BTEC or Active IQ on Wednesdays, this is due to sports commitments which are likely to start next week. We have no games beginning this week meaning there will be no need for BTEC or Active IQ students to be present in college this Wednesday.

A-Level students are instructed to follow their timetable. This means if they have lessons on a Wednesday they are required to attend. Normally Wednesdays allow A-Level students to miss lessons if they have a game for their respective sport. If you are an A-Level student and have lessons tomorrow, please contact your driver and make him aware of your schedule.

Friday 11th

Like mentioned on previous emails and text, this Friday there will be no BTEC or Active IQ lessons due to restricted access to the Riverside facility. A-Level students, however, are still expected to attend as normal. Once again it is important they communicate with their driver on this.

Student Logins

We are aware many students were unable to access their emails and google classroom yesterday and today. This was due to an I.T fault at the main school. This issue should now have been resolved. 

All students should now be able to login to their account. Please follow the steps below. As we will soon begin communicating to students via Google Classroom.

Step 1

Download Google Classroom on your iPhone / Tablet or access it via the website

Step 2

Once you have downloaded google classroom add an account. Your account email will be your first initial followed by your surname and the number 15, then finished with See the example below.

Pupil Name: John Smith

Pupil Email:

Your password will either be:




Step 3

You will then be prompted to another login screen called real smart. Here once again you enter your user name but this time DONT include

It should look like 

Username: jsmith15

password: password or smartpass

Please update your password.

Step 4

Once you have completed these steps you should have access to the google classroom, where your teachers will update you on work and general announcements. You may begin to receive invites to classrooms.

Please make sure you have notifications switched on.

Any questions please speak to us on Thursday at the Academy.


Park View Academy of Sport.

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