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The gym was kitted out by Perform Better, Industry leaders in specialist gym equipment for sporting and high performance.


They have built the gym facilities for Manchester City, Wolves, England Rugby Union, Oriam National Sports Centre, St Georges Park England, Sunderland AFC,Manchester United and Gwent Dragons to name but a few.

It is because of this expertise that we know your fitness journey is in good hands.



Full Squat Racks

Half Squat Racks

Bench Pull

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Leg Press

Shoulder Press

Cable Column Machine



Resistance Bands


Battle Ropes

Exercise Bikes (Concept 2)

Rowing Machines (Concept 2)

Glute Machine


Plyometric Boxes

Boxing Bags

Pull Up and Suspension Training



Medicine balls

Variety of Olympic Bars and Discs



Portable platforms that can be used independently or as a pair to measure asymmetries between left and right legs. The platform can be used to measure vertical force during dynamic and static movements such as jumps or isometric pulls. The Pasco Force platform will collect in one plane from Jump testing and the mid thigh pul. These are particularly useful to look at the bodies symmetry and devise programmes that are specific to the individual ensuring the best possible results when fitness planning, these force plates are excellent to retest and track and monitor progress.


Flywheel training also offers safe and easy eccentric overload offering the user higher gains in muscle mass and strength. There is no upper limit to how much kinetic energy you can produce, in the flywheel motion. This means that you can always use a higher force and accelerate the flywheel more. Resistance is variable in that if you pull less the flywheel will resist less. Therefore, the kBox4 is suitable for both resistance training and rehabilitation.

With FWEDs, every repetition is maximal, with both a higher force early in the set and lower in the end, making the exercise much more efficient. This is why flywheel training gives a hypertrophic response earlier in the training regimen than traditional weights.

You can also attach any handle or grip and do many upper-body pulling and pushing exercises for arms, shoulders, upper and lower back.



Measures lift performance with laser accuracy and gives powerful real - time feedback through your smart device.

FLEX is for anyone ready to take their training to the next level. Train better, avoid injury and track progress with reliable accuracy using the same metrics and training methods as elite performers the world over.

FLEX attaches to the end of your barbell and automatically tracks each and every rep.


PlayerTek+ leverages Catapult’s expertise to deliver high-quality athlete monitoring technology.

PlayerTek+ is designed to take your athlete monitoring to the next level. Providing metrics on heart rate, training load, distance, sprint distance we can track your every move with this intuitive elite level field based piece of kit.



The Witty System is Microgate’s portable timing system- the compact size, anatomical shape, and innovative design makes the Witty Timing System practical and easy to use.


Graphical icons and on-screen instructions on the colour display ensure user-friendliness and ease of use. With 8 different radio frequencies to choose from, it is possible to work simultaneously with several Witty timing systems (timer and photocells) in the same training area.


Various pre-configured test types are available (single tests, group tests, in-line tests, shuttles, counter, etc.) plus the user can also create customised test protocols directly on the timer.


BlazePod triggers your body’s natural response to sensory stimulation, enabling superior, fast, and coordinated movement. Tap-sensitive pods powered by the BlazePod app provide visual cues, creating the ultimate Flash Reflex training system.


BlazePod motivates you to react faster, push your limits and boost your performance. Activate a predefined activity or create your own. Challenge yourself or compete against others. Track data in real-time to improve fitness, technique and tactics. 


BlazePods are used with a variety of clients. PE teachers are able to motivate through competitive activities, sports coaches are elevating their athletes’ speed, reactions and spatial awareness, creating faster, more precise decision-making, physios are able to motivate their clients at all levels of rehabilitation, through controlled, progressive activities and testing.


Neurologists have the perfect tool for aiding neurological deficiencies, working on peripheral vision, concentration and selective reactions through focus logic activities and fitness clubs are using BlazePod in daily workout sessions for all levels and ages, both indoors and out.



The lightweight Raptor unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that utilises the patented VertiMax Elastic Training Technology to develop athletic speed and strength.

The Raptor will allow coaches to apply consistent horizontal loads to every movement in an open field or in agility drills to improve their efficiency, strength, endurance and agility conditioning.

This new technology opens up a completely new training dimension for both high-end performance enhancement and rehab applications to expedite a player's return to play.

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