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Park View Academy of Sport is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Women's Rugby Academy

The Women’s Rugby Academy at Park View Academy of Sport gives girls between the ages of 16-19 access to a performance environment, with the academic pathways available within the sports academy shaping their experience. Our focus is on assisting the young women within the Academy to achieve within their sport, giving access to any available pathways nationally and internationally.


The Women’s Rugby Academy provides those involved with the tools to develop any technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas they may need to improve upon. We aim to improve participants' core skills and game awareness to create a more intelligent on-field brand of players. We make certain that our players reach their highest possible potential succeeding both on field and off the field to ensure professional routes in sports and working life.


Every player will have access to top-level coaches, who have worked, played or coached within performance environments and know the standards and requirements to succeed at that level. At the end of their time at the sports academy players will have the ability to go to university, or professional sports programmes with a comprehensive portfolio of testing scores, highlights and analytic data. Given to them within their individualised performance plans created by our talented sports science team.


“We are thoroughly excited to see the new programme progress under the guidance of our existing coaching staff and new Women’s coach Yon. I believe with the right people in place we should be able to work to be a positive driver in expanding women and girls’ access to elite level rugby within the north-east” – Lewis Pendleton, Director of Sport


“Our Girls program is something I have been excited to see develop and executed by ourselves. We regularly have been approached and asked if we have a program for girl’s rugby and now, we can say that we do giving the girls the same access to the tools enabling a progression to professional sports that the boys have!” – Rob Jones, Rugby Academy Head


 “I have been involved in Women and Girls rugby in the north-east within my time coaching and really feel this program could be a positive driver for the development of the sport in the north-east. I would encourage anyone interested to come and view the facilities and talk to the staff and existing students to see how positive of an environment Park View Academy of Sport is!” - Matthew Tucker, Rugby Union Lead

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