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Park View Academy of Sport & Catapult Sports

🆕 Brand new @catapultsports pods for every student!

📈 The @catapultsports pods allow us to measure enhanced physical metrics in training and games across our football and rugby academies.

👤 Each student will be able to review their physical output and see how they are performing. They are also able to compare their data with professional players.

🗣️ @catapultsports Nenad Smiljanic said “Working with an organization like Park View is pivotal to Catapult, it provides young athletes with a platform for performance as well as giving them an introduction into sport science & data which will benefit their further education”

🗣️ Director of Sport Lewis Pendleton said “We are delighted to extend our working relationship with Catapult. Having introduced playertek to our students 7 years ago, becoming the first college in the region to do so. We have now led the way in integrating pods and tracking players GPS data to great effect.”

The new pods have a greater extended data range and will also allow us to capture live data in training the same way the professional clubs do.”

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